Winberry Artists


Darlene Atteberry

     Darlene's  art background began in her undergraduate art classes and moved on to  her professional career as a designer of computer software, creating  innovative educational programs, designing software for museum kiosks  and companies such as Cartoon Network. 

     Her  award-winning creative gourd pieces are based on her love of color and  texture while feeding her passion of using recycled materials.  Darlene  is a sensitive and passionate artist who blends a touch of whimsy in her  works. Her Jazz Series demonstrates her humor and will create a smile  on your face.


Anne  began working with gourds after attending an international gourd  festival where she realized her love of design could be used to bring  color and shape to life in the form of a gourd sculpture. Her theatrical  work is reflected in the costumes and characters of her art sculptures  especially in her “Japanese Kimono” characters.  

     Her  interior design series reflects the use of nature’s elements. Her work  has been shown from Santa Fe to Ojai and she has received awards most  recently at Indian Wells Art Festival, 2018.